The Point To Point EP

Released: 23/12/07 Cat. No. RENDIG006

Christian Smith and John Selway touch down at Renaissance with two incredible techno bombs…

When it comes to techno Christian Smith & John Selway are two names synonymous with the genre. Over a ten year career they have been responsible for some of it’s finest moments, most notably ‘Move’ on Carl Cox’ seminal Intec label and their very recent, critically acclaimed album ‘The Coming Storm’, which demonstrates their versatile approach. “I think a lot of people envisage techno as a load of repetitive, aggressive beats,” says Christian, “But I think our success has been down to a more melodic, funky approach,” Now, the success continues as they join forces with Renaissance to present the brand new tracks: ‘Point To Point’ and ‘It’s Like That’.

‘Point To Point’ is dance floor techno at it’s finest, a heady blend of tough chords, deep beats and FX that walk the fine line between pleasure and pain, all bound by a heavy dose of their aforementioned, trademark funk. A succession of mini-breaks and layers of ascending sound build the track to an ear-splitting crescendo that will have crowds climbing the walls (literally)!

Not to be outdone, ‘It’s Like That’ ditches piano-inspired chords in favour of a guitar-driven riff and a looped, machine-gun vocal sample. The bass line once again has the funk-factor firmly lodged at 11, with crowd reaction being the order of the day. Listen for the incredible central breakdown, followed by more rise and fall than Paris Hilton’s knickers - if this doesn’t have them clapping nothing will.