Underground Night Music Amillionsons pres 21st Century Planet Smashers feat. Eddy Temple-Morris

Released: 06/09/04 Cat. No. Renx023

Formed at the end of the 20th Century amillionsons is a Nottingham based trio with the aim of avoiding the need for full time work by making sweet music with each others plug-ins. The first release, imaginatively titled AMS001, was championed by Steve Lamaqc, mainly for it?s Simpson?s cut 'n' paste spectacular ?Stay Off The Dope?. This was followed in 2001 by a low key white label version of the soul classic Misty Blue, although it wasn?t low key for long. Radio One?s Mary Anne-Hobbs picked it up and ran with it, which even extended to the office, hitting Pete Tong with a copy ?til he played it and championed it on the Essential Selection for weeks and weeks. A deal with Warners; Radio One Breakfast Show 'Record of the Week' and an unlikely Top 40 hit followed. Misti Blu then made it into the Radio One Top 50 for 2002. This was soon to be followed up by a critically acclaimed SonBlock EP, cained by Coco, played in full by Da Bank and described in Muzik as, ? ...a masterpiece?.Then, eighteen months out of range of the scanner, some times popping up on XFM?s ?The Remix? show, or providing late night entertainment at garden parties and rumours of collaborations with big blokes from Essex. Now they have returned on two fronts: a debut album ?The First One?s Free? in the can under the Amillionsons moniker and the launch of their galactic alter egos, THE 21st CENTURY PLANET SMASHERS who have signed up XFM legend Eddy Temple-Morris to launch Underground Night Music, a dirty piece of space-age funk aimed firmly at the more discerning? Renaissance were swift to pick-up on this genre defining piece of inter-galactic filth. Shortly after signing, Hernan Cattaneo featured the track on his critically acclaimed ?Masters Series? compilation and whispers and rumours about this new amillionsons presents? track have been growing ever since. Calls and emails to the Renaissance office pleading for its release have multiplied month on month to the point where we could bare it no longer and had to release this caged beast. A future-classic in the making, UNM is an anthem that?ll never leave the hallowed shores of cool, preferring to bask in the glory of the finer global dancefloors. With Eddy?s dry, ?speak and spell? vocal perfectly completing the track, this is the first release from what will hopefully become a new branch of the talented and prolific amillionsons camp (pun intended).


  • CD 1

  • 1. Amillionsons pres 21st Century Planet Smashers feat. Eddy Temple Morris – Underground Night Music (Vocal)
  • CD 2

  • 1. Amillionsons pres 21st Century Planet Smashers feat. Eddy Temple Morris – Underground Night Music (Instrumental)
  • 2. Amillionsons pres 21st Century Planet Smashers feat. Eddy Temple Morris – Underground Night Music (Acapella)