2012 Compilation Releases Announced

We got a little sidetracked with all things Birmingham earlier this year, so apologies if things slowed down!

We’re making up for lost time with 3 compilation releases before the end of the year…First up will be The Masters Series:Hernan Cattaneo – a long overdue and much requested return for our very own Argentinian play-maker (hands off Manchester City!). Release due late September.

Next up a twist in the tale…The Mix Collection:Tale of Us – the hot Berlin based production and DJ duo take the reins of the prestigious Mix Collection Series. Release due late October. In addition, look out for a remix of Leftfield’s Song of Life coming soon from them as the first in a series of remixes to celebrate 20yrs of Renaissance.

And to round off the year, The Masters Series:Nick Warren…it’s taken us over 10 years but we finally snared him! Nick’s last outing for Renaissance was alongside Danny Howells on the ‘Revelations’ compilation in 2001. This time he’s riding solo and we can’t wait. Release due mid-November.

Also look out for remixes of a selection of tracks from that first compilation as part of a special series of singles releases to celebrate 20yrs of Renaissance. Each will come as digital download and Ltd Edition vinyl.


  1. matt rault says:

    Great to see you back with a bang ,love to see Renaissance back in london ,The Cross & Renaissance was my home for many years

  2. Josh says:

    So glad to see Renaissance back, its been one of my favorite comps since back when I first got into edm in 1999.


    hey buddyy….. man i really love this new masters series… please tell me where i can get the singles…. pretty please.. ill pay a handsome fee for them… -bv

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