Steve Parry Discusses Renaissance

Someone who has been around as long as us and on the scene as a supplier of some of the finest music via his role at Liverpool’s 3 Beat records and now through SMP3 Music Management is Steve Parry…

We asked Steve to give us his insight to R20 and what those years meant to him…

When i got into clubbing, really got in to it, 1991 era.. I used to go to Delight @ Shellys and watch DJ’s like Sasha, Dave Seaman, Laurent Garnier and see live acts like Orbital and Alison Limerick. I loved it. I even ended up DJ-ing there. I got offered a residency there, unfortunately that was the same week that the oweners fell out with the promoters. Delight ended. I was rather gutted.

However a few months down the line I was excitedly told “theres going to be all nighter with our kind of music!” which may not seem like a revelation now, but all nighters back then were always hard core based musically.. so a night that played House, early Progressive and generally a more underground vibe with the likes of Sasha, Graeme Park, Fathers Of Sound, Dave Morales, Dave Seaman, Justin Robertson and Paul Daley to me was mindblowing! But who’s this John Digweed guy? Never heard of him… How this was to change!

Its also the time when clubbing went from sweat boxes to suddenly having lavish productions and basically everything stepped up a notch.. Renaissance for me where the epitome of this, and musically Renaissance captured my mind… those dubs that didnt get played anywhere else were pretty standard there.. that Italian import that you never heard anywhere else was a big tune there. You could hear a Red Zone dub in the same set as Jam and Spoon and later on you may hear some Sounds of Blackness or Sam Mollison but then Mismoplastico would tear the roof off. Everything was about the quality.

Also with Renaissance, I was in a bit of a unique position, as I saw it as a clubber – I know what it was like sweating on the dancefloor, I also saw it from the point of view as a record shop assistant that sold records to the Renaissaance DJ’s from my days hooking them up when I worked for 3 Beat Records from Sasha, Digweed, Howells, Oakenfold, Warren, Parky, Seaman… the list goes on..and then to top it all off I also fulfiled a liftetime ambition as saw it from another perspective as I DJ-ed for Renaissance…

Steve Parry Renaissance Classic Top 10

Tony Moran – Same Spirit Same Sky

Anthony White – I Cant Forget You

Jomanda – Never (Sasha Ambient Mix)

Slacker – Scared

Stoneproof – Everythings Not You

Jody Watley – I’m The One (def dub mix)

Science Dept – Breathe (Lexicon Avenue)

Sunscreem – Perfect Motion (Farley & Heller)

Moby – Southside (Pete Heller)

Bent – Always (Ashley Beedle’s Mahavishnu Vocal Mix)

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  1. Ste Spence says:

    Ten top tunes there Mr Parry……

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