Pete Gooding Discusses Renaissance

Pete Gooding, another long serving Renaissance resident tells us his journey over the course of 20 years!

I started going to Renaissance from the first week it started back in 1992 with all my friends at Venue 44 in Mansfield and I remember leaving every week totally lost for words as to how good a night we had, had! There was one room downstairs where you could hear more alternative electronica and chilled music which was an amazing escape from the madness of the main room which had an absolutely electric atmosphere, there was a really strong feeling of everybody being together which was amazing, and the best thing was hearing people like Sasha, Dave Seaman, Ian Ossia and John Digweed every week, I would constantly be trying to find out the names of tracks and then ring Eastern Bloc Records in Manchester the day after and drive up there to get my hands of the tracks that are now in this top 10 chart! In the later years going to Renaissance at Pacha in Ibiza was amazing as they decorated the club so beautifully then in 1998 when I became one of the residents I went on to play weekly at Media in Nottingham which again was an incredible venue and also The Cross in London which was one of my favourite venues ever with such an intense atmosphere. Plus some fabulous tours at some of the best clubs in the world and Renaissance Live in Ibiza at Privilage where I was also weekly resident which was so good with live p.a’s from people like: Leftfield, Moloko, Kylie and others and thousands of people turning up every week. So for me based on all this Renaissance has always stood for quality in all areas from the Music to the decor to the people going to the parties!


01. Age Of Love – Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon Remix) [React]

02. Jam & Spoon – Stella [R&S]

03. Dance To Trance – We Came In Piece [Suck Me Plasma]

04. Brothers Love Dubs – The Mighty Ming [Stress]

05. Inner City – Till We Meet Again (Brothers in Rhythm Remix) [Ten]

06. Lemon Interrupt – Big Mouth [Junior Boys Own]

07. Gypsy – I Trance you [Limbo]

08. Sasha meets M-People – Someday (Sasha’s Master Mix) [Deconstruction]

09. Luzon – The Baguio Track [Renaissance]

10. Remake – Bladerunner [Top Secret]

Check the classic Renaissance mix Pete has put together

Pete Gooding Classic Renaissance Mix Part 1 by Renaissance on Mixcloud

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