John Digweed Discusses Renaissance

It is only fit and proper that we ask original Renaissance resident & co-collaborator on ‘THE’ seminal mix collection, John Digweed to give us his thoughts on Renaissiance in our 20th year…

In the early 90s, at a time when the Acid House generation and warehouse raves were starting to lose their appeal, a new form of clubbing emerged in the UK. Looking to create a more exclusive environment that did not cater to the masses, more to likeminded people who wanted quality House music in smaller underground venues. Club’s like the Milk Bar in London, Venus in Nottingham and Basics in Leeds, Renaissance at Venue44 in the sleepy town of Mansfield with a 7am license really stole the show, with the extended hours you could catch 3 great DJs every weekend.

I remember the week before I was due to play there I drove up from Hastings to check out the venue, to try and get a feel for the place as I knew this was a massive gig for me.

The venue was incredible and the atmosphere had that intensity that you knew was going to be a great night. With a strict door policy it made the crowd that got in feel even more special. Friendships were formed on that dance-floor that last to this day and the memories and music from this period remind me how special these nights were. A lot has happened in clubland over the years with venues closing down and scenes changing but nobody can deny what a big impact Renaissance had on clubland from its starting point in a small mining town in the UK.

John Digweed – 2012

John Digweed Renaissance All Time Top 10
1. Leftfield “Song of Life”

2. Sunscreem “Perfect Motion”

3. Marco Polo “A Prayer To The Music”

4. Fathers of Sound “Revelation”

5. POB “The Essence”

6. Pete Lazenby “Sacred Cycles”

7. Dr Atomic “Schudelfloss”

8. Propaganda “Your Wildlife”

9. Jody Watley “I’m The One You Need (Def Dub)

10. Atlas “Compass Error”

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  1. Paul says:

    Ahh, good old days.. I believe that (epic) tunes will have time to bring insane more than one generation and even disclose their full potential :-)

  2. Chuck Martin says:

    Is it not “Revelation” by Fathers of Sound and not “Revolution”

  3. geoff says:

    Thanks Chuck, well spotted…

  4. toba says:

    gracias por el aporte = )

  5. Ian Smith says:

    Suprised that Bedrock ‘For What You Dream Of’ isnt in there, one of my favourite tracks of all time.

  6. Dom says:

    Quote: “Suprised that Bedrock ‘For What You Dream Of’ isnt in there”

    Perhaps John Digweed isn’t one to blow his own trumpet?

    Saying that track 3 is one of his remixes, though!

  7. Dave Sylester says:

    Does anybody know the mix that started with the heartbeat then went into fluke then tane illusion I had it on tape in 1995 but have never found it since it was awesome

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