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Situated in the Birmingham area of Digbeth, ‘the pulse of the cultural heartbeat of Birmingham’, is Gibb Street Warehouse, our new space, no, new HOME, located in the Custard Factory, an area that has been at the forefront of electronic beeps, beats and squelches for 15 years or so now. Formally the old ‘Space 2′ it is being scrubbed down, scrubbed up, reworked, and remixed… For those of you who may have visited the old venue, the new team are making lots of tweaks and alterations to the venue to bring it up to standard after it has been closed for so long… And in this day and age of technical brilliance and no excuses for poor sound systems, Gibb Street Warehouse are cutting no corners… Taking centre stage to sonically massage your ears and fill your stomach with full fat bass, comes the Flare Audio Triwave i10 system….!

Our first event at our new Midlands home in the 20th Anniversary with Sasha – details HERE

Flare Audio

A technical work of art that will ensure your nights spent dancing are complimented with the best in sonic audio par excellence…



Carl Cox commented… “One of the cleanest sound systems I have ever worked on”


“Since the advent of modern loudspeakers in 1924 various devices and enclosures have been used to enhance lower frequency sensitivity of loudspeaker drivers. These devices have taken on many forms with the majority of designs using resonant chambers or large horn devices. These designs produce sound in a similar way to that of a musical instrument. This alteration of sound waves within the enclosure produces an inaccurate representation of the original source based on resonance developed in the chamber rather than directly from the loudspeaker driver itself.”

Flare Audio

Gibb Street Warehouse

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