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As of Wednesday 14th December Renaissance will be doing a Twitter link of the day procedure. Each day at 3pm we will tweet out a link relating to our activity, delivering DJ mixes, YouTube links to classic tracks, interviews with the people who have made us who we are and much more. Every day has a theme, so each week you will see the same type of Tweet day in and day out, and we will be collating all the links here on the blog.

Monday – Interview (A Renaissance related interview. Either written, visual or audio)
Tuesday – Compilation Moment (Classic track off any Renaissance compilation)
Wednesday – New Talent (One to watch for the future)
Thursday – Compilation Moment (as above)
Friday – Club Track (Current track we’re feeling here at Renaissance HQ!)
Saturday – In the Mix (A DJ mix in Renaissance style)
Sunday – Off the Floor (An off the dancefloor link to ease in the Sunday)

There will be guest selectors brought in, as well as specifically themed weeks around DJs, compilations and events we are involved with. We’re also looking for your suggestions to! Tweet what you think should be used via the hashtag #renlink and we will pick the best ones for inclusion and tag you in the tweet.

Follow us on @renaissance_dj and search for #renlink to see and contribute to the series!

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