WIN a Limited Edition signed copy of the 10th Anniversary re-release of The Mix Collection:Sasha and John Digweed

We have a very rare collectors item prize to give away. A beautiful Limited Edition copy of the 10th Anniversary re-release of The Mix Collection:Sasha and John Digweed, the definitive club mix compilation, personally signed by Sasha and John. There are just a handful of copies of this album in existence following the recent Sony warehouse fire that wiped out the entire stock. To get your mitts on this bumper prize you need to add your details to the form below*.


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  1. Dennis G says:

    I would kill to get this,

    I already have an unsigned, but you have no idea how special it is for me to receive this!! Renaissance I am talking to you, I am begging send one to me please!!

    Happy 20th birthday hope the label is stable for good

    - A Lifelong Renaissance fan

  2. Dennis G says:

    Dear Geoff and Rest of the Label management,

    As a lifelong Renaissance fan , and I do own almost all your releases both 12” and digital, I am begging you to send me this signed copy, it will mean the world to me. Please I am begging

    Happy 20th Birthday and hope for a great future!

  3. rob weedy says:

    love to get my hands on a copy of this again , used to have it but it got stolen out my car many years ago, id guard this with my life , think it would sit nicely with the dave seaman copy i have now :-)

  4. Gustavo Chaile says:

    the best musician in the history sasha & john!

  5. Rogerio Melgoza says:

    Congratulations!! you´re the dj for making wonderfuls atmospheres around the party , you´re the best!!!! 4 that reason i want win these copilated …. thank´s a lot

  6. Can I reference this in my university graduate paper? says:


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