Dave Seaman Tour Diary – Parts 1 & 2

Part 1 – Kosovo


“I always love going to new places. Virgin territory. The great unknown. And although Kosovo is steeped in a rich 12,000+ year history, it’s still a brand new country in so many ways. So much so that when I tried to post this gig on Artistdata.com , Kosovo didn’t even show up as a country on the drop down menu! (Apparently, they need 100 other countries to recognize them as an independent nation and so far, they are up to 86). But despite all the connotations that relate it to the horrible war of the 90s, I found the people of Kosovo to be as warm, friendly & humble as anywhere you’d care to mention. They are proud and passionate and love their electronic dance music just as much as anywhere else. And from a DJs point of view, they have one very important thing going for them… You can still smoke on the dancefloor. Which means more of a captive audience. You’re not battling against a transient dancefloor that’s nipping out for a ciggie every 10 minutes! The local beer does the trick too. Oh yes, the Peja has a lot to answer for. But that’s another story. Thank you Kosovo. You are well and truly on the Renaissance map!”

Part 2 – Moscow


“My very first visit to Moscow was also a Renaissance night back in 1996. I recollect it being quite an intimidating experience. I was stopped by officials whilst walking down the street… Twice. They demanded to see my ID & visa paperwork or face the consequences (a common occurrence back then apparently) and played my entire set with two armed military men stood, arms folded, staring at me from the middle of the dancefloor. Talk about getting put off your stroke! Since then of course, I’ve been back many times and had some fantastic nights. The legendary Club 13 & also Slava hold particularly good memories. And so to 2011 and the Renaissance juggernaut rolled into town once more  hoping to recapture some of that Moscow magic. The gig also played host to the finals of the Movida Corona DJ Final where several of the best new DJs in Russia battled it out for a trip to Madrid and the promise of fame & fortune. Unfortunately for all present, the MC never shut up over their entire sets. An occupational hazard that I’m sure they’ll learn to eliminate with more experience. I also got roped into doing a press conference, a custom which never gets any less weird no matter how many times you do them. Questions included the usual: “What is your stance on illegal downloading?” And “How does our country compare with the rest of the world?” That’s a question journalists are obsessed with but the truth is that these days there’s little difference between club scenes from one country to the next. You can blame the Internet for that! Undoubtedly my favourite question of the night though was: “What would you be if you weren’t a DJ?” to which my stock in trade answer is always, a virgin! Anyway, highlight of the night was getting to play Cirez D’s  ‘Mockba’ (the Russian spelling for Moscow) in the city it was named after. It’s been a huge track for me recently and tracks named after places always hold a special resonance when played on home turf. Spiceba Mockba. I’ll be back! :-)”


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